Specializing in complete doorslammer chassis fabrication. We've built many proven winners from 5-second Pro Modified cars to small tire radial rides. Big & small tire grudge cars, Top Sportsman, and weekend warrior bracket cars - we've done them all!

Chassis updates

Need bars added for new SFI certification? Want your seat, pedals, shifter or other controls relocated for improved comfort? Contact us for those quick & easy upgrades.

sheetmetal and carbon panels

We have the tools and materials to replace or create new sheetmetal or carbon fiber panels from your firewall to rear wheel tubs. Save weight with aluminum, carbon fiber or even titanium.

Since 1993

Bob Bunker Jr.

Bob Bunker Jr. is the son of legendary West Coast doorslammer pioneer Bob Bunker Sr. aka the "Folsom Flash". Bob Jr. got his start building doorslammer chassis' in 1983 while working for Chris Alston.

In 1988, Bob Jr. ventured out on his own starting Bunker Motorsports while refining his own, unique chassis design and perfecting it over the years.

Along with building hundreds of race cars over the past 30 years, Bob Jr. has also driven his fair share of cars  from a blown alcohol funny car and altered to a handful of Pro Modified cars ranging from a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini, a 1957 Chevy, 1941 Willys and he took over the driving duties of the iconic Bunkers Beast 1955 Chevy for a few years.

Stay tuned for a rebirth of the "Bunkers Beast / Folsom Flash" which is currently in the works. It is a car that has always been a staple to the entire Bunker family, and as a family a new version will soon hit the track!